andrew gowen

I just got home from closing at work and I have school tomorrow from 9 to 2 then I close again at work from 3 to 12 and then I work an open at work til noon then I go to school until 3 

and literally my twitter timeline is full of high schoolers complaining about starting school tomorrow but I wish I was still in highschool

tracythnguyen said: What!!!

the front element was loose and the focus would shift and then one of my friends knocked my camera off the couch and the focus ring is now shot and stuck and my camera doesn’t recognize it as a lens anymore :( 

i miss my 28 f/1.8 so much i’m upset that it broke 


Being rude to service staff is #1 indicator that someone is garbage

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hey so i know that this is said and brought up all the time but if you find some pictures on here that you know are someone else’s please try and credit them to the best of your ability 

it’s a shitty thing when you don’t get credit for your art or something that you made and you would feel the same way